Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cable in The Classroom Video

Hello. Several months ago my students were featured in a video by Cable in the Classroom that was created to demonstrate some of the ways that teachers can utilize the resources they provide to teachers. Viva Productions came and and transformed our classroom into a studio - lights, microphones, high definition cameras, etc. They shot video for the day and then created a 3 minute video that will be distributed by Cable in the Classroom to teachers throughout the country. The video is available on their web site and will be made available to cable networks across America. You can view the online version of the video here.

It was a very educational experience for myself and my students. One of the most interesting experiences for me was recording the voice over at RSVP Productions - a local sound studio. The podcast gives greater detail about the background of the project and the experience. Special thanks to everyone that made the production possible including Julie Zastrow - Viva Productions, Kat Stewart - Cable in the Classroom, RSVP Productions and Joyce Peters of Kansas City Time Warner. A huge thanks to my students who were movie stars and did an awesome job "on the set".

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