Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Visit to Mr. Chamberlain's 5th Grade Classroom in Noel, Missouri

Hello. Today I have a very special podcast. I have been following the activities of William Chamberlain's 5th grade science classroom in Noel, Missouri for months on the web. Mr. C's class is an excellent example of a web 2.0 classroom using blogs, Twitter, uStream, YouTube, VoiceThread, etc. I was given the opportunity to visit a classroom as the Missouri Teacher of the Year and jumped at the chance to travel about 3 hours south to spend a morning in their class.

The podcast features a short interview with the students. The audio doesn't do justice to the energy and excitement in this classroom. I applaud Mr. Chamberlain for all his efforts in using technology the right way. Several times today while visiting with him about using technology in the classroom he stressed the point that he only chooses to implement technology in his classroom if it has a purpose in meeting his primary goal of reaching his students. Please check out Mr. C's class here.

Special thanks to Mr. C and all of this students that I met today. I hope they finish out the school year with the same energy and that they continue to use these tools in future years. I have a deep respect for Mr. C and I would love to have him teach science to my daughters. Thanks for allowing me to visit your school.

Direct link to Podcast #142 - A Visit to William Chamberlain's 5th Grade Classroom in Noel, Missouri - MP3 Audio - 17:20 Minutes

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